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Criminal Bail Bonds in South Bay, CA

South Bay Bail Bond Agent

When bail is too high for you to afford, a criminal bail bond may be the answer. After a defendant is arrested and taken into custody while facing criminal charges, the judge will set an amount of money that must be paid for the defendant to be released from custody while awaiting trial or while on trial. A criminal bail bond is essentially a legal document that promises the entire bail amount if the defendant does not return to court when necessary. A bail bond of this nature may be backed by a type of insurance company called a Surety Company, or by collateral (property which will be forfeit to the court if the defendant flees or does not show up to court when requested.)

A South Bay bail bond agent is a licensed professional who has the authority to write bail bonds for clients, holding property as collateral or working with a Surety Company to do so. A bail bond agent's duties go further than just providing the bail bond, however. The bail bond agent will also strive to ensure the defendant shows up in court and will take action to locate the defendant if he or she attempts to flee.

Working with a Bail Bondsman in South Bay

At Adelante Bail Bonds, we help clients throughout the entire South Bay area who are in need of a criminal bail bond and therefore an experienced bail bondsman. We serve all the cities in the area, including Hawthorne, Inglewood, Manhattan Beach, El Segundo, Palos Verdes, Redondo Beach, and much more. Your consultation is free, and we are always open to take your calls.

To learn more about the types of bail bonds that may be available to you, and how securing a bail bond for a loved one may affect you financially and personally, please contact a South Bay bail bondsman.

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