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To better understand what a bail Bond Agent is and does, it is important to understand a little more about bail bonds. A criminal bail bond is in essence a legal document that promises a defendant who is going to be released from custody or jail will return to court when necessary, for any and all scheduled appearances that may occur in conjunction with his or her case. When a defendant cannot afford to post bail on his or her own, he or she may be able to purchase a bail bond which backs the full bail amount in the event of the defendant's failure to appear in court. Depending on the type of bond, collateral may be used or a Surety Company may back the bond.

A bail bond agent plays a crucial role in helping defendants get released from custody while awaiting trial or while on trial. In most cases, defendants cannot afford to post bail and must therefore turn to a bail bond. The bail bond agent not only secures the bond on behalf of the defendant, but his or her responsibility goes much further.

A bail bond agent also takes action to ensure the defendant returns to court as scheduled and will seek out the defendant if he or she attempts to flee or does not appear in court. The bail bond agent will also hold any collateral that may have been used to secure the bail bond.

Adelante Bail Bonds - Serving the South Bay Area

Because bail bonds involve liability and a great deal of legal responsibility, your choice in a South Bay bail bond agent is important. Our office is not only experienced in this field, but we are also dedicated to helping our clients to the utmost of our ability. We will be honest in our dealings with you and will take care to fully understand your situation and provide advice and support based upon that knowledge.

Contact a South Bay Bail Bond Agent today. We're open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and help clients throughout Torrance, Inglewood, Palos Verdes, Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach, and the surrounding areas in the South Bay area.

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